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1986 Norman High Alumni 

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Kristi Waddle
[Norman, OK]

Kol Wahl

Marcus Wahl
[Noble, OK]

Sean Wainner
[Norman, OK]

Robert Walker

Terry Walker
[Norman, OK]

Richard Wall
[Norman, OK]
I am a criminal defense attorney in Norman.  Don't drink and drive to or from the reunion.  If you do, and get caught, give me a call. 

Cameron Wallace
Deceased - 1995

Jerry Walls

Mike Ward
[Bryant, AR]

Shannon Ward
[Los Angeles, CA]
Spent the 90s living the wild single life in Los Angeles - there's no better place to be in your 20's! Got engaged and settled down a little (not much), but that didn't work out. Currently I am engaged again (this one's a keeper), and just had my first child in January - Cassidy Evangeline Carroll. I work at Capitol Records in Hollywood (my dream job) and live outside of town with the bears, deer, foxes and rattlesnakes. It was great seeing everyone at the reunion, and I'm pretty proud about how my class turned out. You guys rock!

Kelly (Warren) Schultz
[Coppell, TX]
Married with 2 children.

Stephanie (Warshum) Farewell
[Maumelle, AR]
I have 3 boys: Justin (15), Jacob (9), and Joshua (4). They are enough to keep anyone busy. I am married to Rick a class of 85 grad. I am an accounting professor at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Brandon Watkins

Tammy Watson
[Houston, TX]
Live in Houston for the last 6 years, moving to Phoenix by the end of this year, and have been a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines for the last 8 years. Very happy.

Lisa Webb
[Norman, OK]

Traci (Webb) Oakes
[Norman, OK]

Sam Welcher
[Norman, OK]
**Went to the University of Kansas, graduated 1990. No Honors or any crap like that.  Just got a great degree from the best school
in the Big 8 (at that time).

** Came back to Norman after graduation. Realized Norman was a great place to work, office out of, and live since it is basically halfway
between coasts. Also, it is a great place to raise a family. Don't kid yourself, IT IS STILL A SMALL TOWN.

**Self employed in Norman

** Married a wonderful lady who is the only person that can keep up with me. Wendy and I have one son, Jacob (8).  We spend alot of time
traveling and hanging out by the pool with close friends and family. (Yes, Rachel is still in Norman and is the eyes and ears of this "town!" It is funny, between her and I and all of the former Tigers & parents we are in contact with, I believe that I have heard about or seen 60%-70% of you in the last 10 years.)

Also, thanks to all of you who have e-mailed me stories from the past that I have tried to forget!!!!!(Thank g-d my wife does not read my
e-mails.) Remember, even though some of you are Doctors and Lawyers-- YOU CAN'T CHANGE THE PAST!!!!!

I was thinking of going to the reunion. After reading all of the "blurbs" I am wondering what else I should know? See ya at our 50th. (Of
course, I'm kidding.  I'll be there)

 Now I am somewhat updated.  Leave me alone!!!(Ha!)

Ben Wesner
[City, CA]

Layne West

Rhonda Whipkey

Darin White

Bedri Wilderom
[Dallas, TX]
Married with 1 child.

Susan (Wiggins) Vis
[Norman, OK]

Jeff Wilhite
[Norman, OK]

Susan (Wilkerson) Tascier
[Norman, OK]

Lyndie Wilkes
[Washington, DC]
After graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a BFA, I moved to Austin, TX and worked as a graphic designer for a design boutique. Four and half years later I moved to Dallas and worked with several different advertising agencies until 2004. In September of 2004, I accepted a job in Washington DC where I’m currently working as a Senior Art Director. I work and live in the Georgetown area right around the corner from George Stephanopoulos and John Ashcroft. I’m still waiting for an official invite to one of their swanky parties.

Single and no children but thanks to Marcie (Gay) Bullock, Mollie Bates and the Blackley’s, future generations are secure.

Daniel Williams DECEASED

Dewayne Williams
[Lexington, OK]

Dondi (Williams) Thompson
[Norman, OK]
I married Brad Thompson in 1992 after dating 9 years! I teach 7th grade math and Geometry I at Alcott Middle School here in Norman (the old West Mid-High). I really enjoying teaching and spending time with my family. Brad and I have two wonderful children, Tanner (age 9) and Abbey (age 4). When I am not teaching, I am running Tanner to play golf, soccer, football, or baseball! He's really active! Abbey enjoys ballet/tap and is starting t-ball this year! I love being a mom and getting to see the joy in my children's faces every day!

Glen Williams
Married my hs sweetheart Vickie Stanfield.  Still live in the area.  We own our own business. Have 2 wonderful kids, Lacie 23 and Codey 14. We are blessed with 3 amazing grand kids that are the world to us.

Elisha Wilson

David Wilson

Glenn Earl Wilson

Robert Wilson
[St. Petersburg, FL]
Finished my AA degree in Dec 2006. Currently taking intro to architecture classes and will be applying to a Architecture program within the year. Planning on getting my BA in Interior Design and then my Masters in Architecture. My other half, Daniel is currently in law school. Busy schedules: school, work and home remodeling. When we have time we have dinner parties and spend time with our friends. Enjoying the Florida weather just not the property taxes or insurance. Still work for the same insurance company and we still have three cats but, no dogs. Would have loved to have been there for the 20th but, father-in-law was having heart surgery. He is doing great! 80 years old and acts like he's 50.        


Scott Wilson
[Eagle, ID]
University of Iowa- Auto Industry took me to Boise, Idaho where I've been since 2000. Love it out here.

Tad Wimer
[Norman, OK]

Tiffany (Witt) Stephens
Married the most wonderful man in the world. Trying to keep up with a two year old.


Roger Wofford
[Norman, OK]

Karla Woodfork
[Norman, OK]
Hey really has been almost 20 years. It was really fun to look at our pictures and smile. Since high school I have lived in Norman, graduated from OU with a BA in Communications/Political Science. Been the Minister of Music at my church for the past 23 years and loving every minute of it. Currently I have been working at the University of Oklahoma for the past 7 years and enjoying life. Hope to see you all soon.

Freddy Woodrow
[Norman, OK]

Darren Worley
Deceased - 1986

Jonathan Wren
[Norman, OK]
Graduated with MIS degree in 1991, worked as a programmer for a while then went back to school and eventually grad school. Met Ms. Right in 1996, made her Mrs. Right in 1998, had 1st kid in 1999, got my Ph.D. in 2003 and went straight into a faculty position at OU, had 2nd kid in 2004. Currently, I'm just typing in this form, but in the future I plan to see everyone at the 20-year reunion so we can all reminisce about how we once had less gray hair, fewer wrinkles and a better physique. Some of us will have kids who have already graduated from high school - what a trip! Are we old now, or what?

Gina Wright
[Norman, OK]
I still continue to visit and socialize with musicians, write poetry, attend gymnastics events and go camping! I still love to study and research many subjects such as all the scientific features on the History channel.

My daughter is now 20 years old, my son 17 and attending Norman high school.  we are disappointed that the 1986 marble bench has been thrashed! He used to wait for me there. I have been through a breast cancer scare and surgery removed.  I am safe.  however i have not finished my college degree been working as a Primary Care Liaison, I have loved my job however I am not working now due to my back being injured. I am a home body now spend a lot of time with my pets.  if you are a pet lover you will enjoy my pics on my profile from myspace.

I couldn't attend the ten year or twenty reunion but hope to the thirty!  I am still pleased to see the alumni members' photos updated to present time.  Long time has passed! I have noticed that many of the young ladies I went to Norman High with are mothers with younger children than I!  Great! My first daughter is legally adult. She was born in 1989, she was proud to be born on the cusp part of the eighties.  Bless all those in our class who have passed the last three years.  I have been receiving the notifications.  Feel free to contact me from my URL

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