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1986 Norman High Alumni 

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Barbara (Campbell) Ivey
[Purcell, OK]

Rhonda (Cantrell) Cothran
[Edmond, OK]
Raising 2 great kids with my husband Terry. It's involved LOTS of driving, LOTS of cooking and a lot of baseball games. We will be sending our oldest, Spencer (18), off to college this year and enjoying our daughter, Sarah (13), at home with us. I also work as a pharmacist in OKC.

Jennifer (Carlson) LaChance
[Norman, OK]
I have been married since Aug 1986 (almost 20 years), I have  2 sons -Brandon will be 18 in May and Sean will be 10 in June.  Moved to Mass for a year and then came back to Norman. Guess it is right when some say you get pulled back. Jobs always looking for something better - LOL.    Would love to hear to from you so keep in contact.

Shannon Carpenter
[Norman, OK]

Matt Carter
[Blanchard, OK]
Left Norman and went to college in Kansas. After college I joined the Marine Corps. Spent 4 years seeing the world; enjoyed it, but not enough to re-enlist. Came back to Norman and met my wife. Now I am married with 2 boys and a beautiful wife. living in Blanchard,  America and working in OKC.

Melanie Cartwright Kent
[Norman, OK]
Currently working at the OU College of Architecture and having fun with two granddaughters.

Kim (Casey) Nixon
[Darlington, PA]

Byron Cate
[Norman, OK]
Accounting degree from OU in '90. Obtained my private pilot's license in '91 (quit flying in 2000). MBA degree from OCU in '92. Married with two kids, living in Norman. Our family enjoys motorcyles, boating, traveling, and snow skiing. Christy is an RN at Baptist, NICU. I work for the Oklahoma District Attorneys' Council as the Director of Finance. We attend New Life Bible Church.

Bobby Cater
[Arlington, VA]

Tracye (Cates) Johnson
[Oklahoma City, OK]

Bennie Chan
[McKinney, TX]

Kelley (Chandler) Kammerlocher
[Norman, OK]

Melissa Chavis
[Norman, OK]
I graduated from OU in 90.  I have been teaching at the same school for the last 16 years in Norman.  I also coach the girl's golf team at NHS.  My hobbies are traveling and golf.

Lorie Cheney

Lori (Chest) Dover
[Noble, OK]

Bill Chissoe
[Cary, NC]
In 1991 I married Stephanie Pyle (NHS class of '85). We moved to St. Louis where I taught (Computer Science) and coached soccer and Stephanie was a group leader working on the Human Genome Project. In 1999, four months after our first son (William F the fifth!) was born,  we moved to North Carolina. I continue to teach and coach while Stephanie works on genomic research for Glaxo Smith Kline. Our second son, Russell, was born in 2001.

Scott Chisum
[Coweta, OK]
Work, work and more work.

John Chitwood
[Norman, OK]
I worked at Saxon Publishers for 12 years, am involved in graphic design and web design, and have performed with several bands. My current band, Trayler Trash, is great - a 3 piece rock band, and I'm the only guy -- go figure!

Kristi Cies
[Dallas, TX]
I attended OU and moved to Dallas right after graduation. I teach Advanced Algebra and Advanced Geometry in Richardson. I spend the rest of my time traveling, running, riding horses, water and snow skiing, reading, painting, mountain biking, and really anything in the great outdoors. I love teaching, but I really love the time off!

Susan Clancy
[Norman, OK]

Christina Clark

Marla Clark Lennon

Lisa Clarke

Lisa Christine Clarke passed away unexpectedly on January 31, 2012.

John Clary 
[Franklin, OH]
Wrestled in college. Graduated with a Marketing degree.  Joined the Navy.  Have been married to my wonderful wife for 19 years.  We have 2 boys and 2 girls(Christian, Joshua, Olivia, and Abby)  Started my own company 7 years ago in Ohio.  Coach Wrestling.  God has really blessed us.

Cindy (Clayton) Edwards
[Richardson, TX]

Drew Cleveland
[Divide, CO]
I graduated from OU in 1992, earning a BA in history. I completed the requirements for teacher licensure in 1994 at OU. I moved to Colorado in 1995 and got married in 1996. I just finished my eighth year teaching U.S. and world history at Wasson High School in Colorado Springs. Jill and I adopted our first child, Kaleigh, from China last year. We are in the process of going back to get her a sister!! I am also working on a master's degree in school administration at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Kim (Clinton) Chopp
[Thousand Oaks, CA]
I have been married for eleven years to Steve. We have two children - Abby is 8 and Matthew is 6. For the first five years of our marriage, we lived in Chicago. I completed graduate school in Social Work in Chicago and both of our children were born there. For the last six years, we have lived in Southern California. The first three years were spent in Westwood and we now live in Thousand Oaks (a suburb about 45 minutes outside of Los Angeles). I have been home for several years with our children. I am looking forward to returning to work this fall as a School Social Worker. Thanks Nolita for an amazing website. I look forward to seeing everyone in June:)

Steve Cobb
[Erie, CO]
Since the ten year reunion...

I spent 4 years in practice in Shawnee, then 3 years as the residency director at the OU College of Medicine, and am now doing the same job in Denver.  We loved living in Norman the last 9 years, but are excited to be here in Colorado.

Susan and I have been married 15 years this summer, and have 3 boys, Jason, Jonathan, and Joshua. Susan continues to work for the National Severe Storms Lab remotely from our home here.

Eddie Coffeen

Jeff Coil
[Edmond, OK]

Holly Cole

Jerry Cole
I thought I would update for '06. I live in OKC against my will secondary to a divorce. I live in the Lake Hefner area to be close to my kids. I have my children half the week and the other half they are at their mom's. I own a therapy company called Creative Care Rehab in Norman and spend almost everyday in Norman. We offer Occupational Therapy, Physical therapy, and Speech therapy to home health agency in Oklahoma. I recently started another company called Creative Therapy, LLC. We are designing and selling exercise videos for older adults, 65 and older. We eventually will have exercise videos for all ages from a therapy standpoint. You may have parents or grandparents that could benefit so check us out at

I have three children: Shelby (15) who will be a sophomore at Putnam City North and plays fast pitch softball. Madeline (14) who will be a freshmen and recently made the PCN  JV  cheerleading squad. Grady (12) who will be in the 7th grade and is 5'10" and 170 lbs, he plays basketball and his nickname is  "TREE". I am still single thank God. I think most of you are lying when you say you are "happily married". Those two words don't belong in the same sentence, someone is unhappy you just don't know it yet.  I'm kidding, it's a joke PEOPLE chuckle, chuckle.

The kids and I don't have much free time but when we do we are OU football fans, OU sports of any kind for that matter, sprint car races, fishing, boating, whatever we can find to do. Stop in or e-mail and say hello sometime. C YA!
Kelvin Coleman DECEASED

Ron Collins
[Humble, TX]
doin my thing with the music ... in a little house just north of Busch Airport

Bryan Conkling
[Norman, OK]
Married with 2 children.

Debra (Conly)

Ray Conway
[Hereford, TX]
Where to start? After high school I made a living working on cars at a local dealership. I married a wonderful woman in 1990 and had a beautiful daughter. After seventeen years they are both still with me, go figure. After working for several years I went to work in auto parts, where I was a store manager for 8 years, moving to Stillwater and Enid. Then I went into office supplies for 5 years as a store manager in Enid, Lawton and then to Hereford, Texas. I have stayed in Hereford since where I am in Management for Wal-Mart. 2006 was a terrible year for my family after my daughter had a near death accident. She is doing well now,  relearning everything from walking to speaking. The future looks very good.

Brad Cooper
[Houston, TX]

Scott Cooper
[Norman, OK]

Todd Corriveau
[Duncan, OK]
Been married 3x spent 4yrs in Oklahoma National Guards. I drive a truck as a over the road driver for the past 20yrs. I enjoy visiting with family and friends and networking on the computer.

Lisa (Cossey) Taylor

Chris Coston
[Des Moines, IA]
Representative of adult beverages in one way or another for several years. Lived in Norman, Vail and Avon Colorado and currently in Des Moines Iowa. 2 high school boys, Bradley, a Senior, and Ethan, a Freshman.

Charles "Chuck" Cotner
[San Francisco, CA]
I left Norman soon after High School and have not been back since. I attended college in NYC and Austin, Texas. I attended SMU Law School in Dallas and received my JD in 1999. I became involved in several web and technology companies in the 1990s. I lived San Francisco for many years and moved to the Sonoma Wine Country when my daughter was born in 2011. My wife and I own a successful local catering company. We both spend a lot of time on the business, and in our free time enjoy traveling the world and spending time with family and good friends.

Kim (Cox) Wainner
[Norman, OK]
Married with 4 children.

Chris Cozart
[Kapolei, HI]
I've done the army thing, restaurant thing, trucking thing (better money) wish I had saved all those pictures from high school, but I didn't so there. If u want to contact my happy self...feel free. And there's no "Will" in my name, thank u.

Update: Living one of my dreams in Hawaii...Mahalo

Candace Crawford McNeese
[Houston, TX]
Married with 3 children.

Kendra Crawford-Gogick
[Augusta, GA]
Traveling, college (OSU,OU,SNU),  living with MS, raising a daughter (now 17),  praising God, being married....

Steve Credell
[Tulsa, OK]

LesLee Creson Lynch

Will Cronenwett

Scott Cross
[Norman, OK]

Matt Curtis
[Huntsville, TX]
Went through hard times, trouble, I turned my life around. I'm a born again Christian (not perfect by far) I been through a lot... I could be here forever writing, lol. I am a Correctional Officer for the state of Texas. I moved to Houston\Spring area back in 89-90, I came here to be with my sister's family.

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