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1986 Norman High Alumni 

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Joe Dabney

Stacy Davenport
[Norman, OK]
I am currently living in Norman with my two children Conrad and Ashlyn. Conrad is in 6th grade at Whittier and Ashlyn is in 3rd at Truman. I work full time for the OU College of Nursing as a Case Manager. I have worked here going on 5 years.

Patrick Davis
Bum for a few yrs the USAF now ..finally back in the states .....thhinking about retirement next yr.....looking forward to the reunion if and when it is set up...

Shane Davis
[Milton, WI]
Married with 2 children.

Walter Davis
[Oxford, MS]

Betty Delgado
[Los Gatos, CA]

John Devanney

Vandana (Dhall) Heda
[Maplewood, NJ]
After college, I got into to the field of consulting and have been doing it ever since.  I lived in Dallas for 4 years, but after getting married, my husband and I moved to New Jersey.  We have lived here for about 8 years, and have one son who is 18 months old.  He keeps us busy and on our toes!

Donna (Dickinson) Parker
[Orlando, FL]
Hung around Norman for a few years then moved to Edmond in 1990 to go to UCO. After graduating with a degree in Health & Physical Education I moved to Orlando & started my 23 year teaching career. During this time I married and had 2 kids. One girl, Cheyenne now 20, and one boy, named Colton now 16. Shortly after Colton was born their father and I divorced. I remarried in 2012 to my second husband Donny and added 2 more kids to my family, Sydni now 25 and Bryce now 21.With my husband's support I decided to go back to school and get my Masters degree in Occupational Safety & Health. I graduated in 2015 and began working at the Kennedy Space Center in 2018. I am a Safety Engineer & part of the test team for the Artemis program and will hopefully soon be launching the first rocket in a program that will eventually return us to the moon. Love my new career and my life here in Florida. Looking to move to the beach after my son graduates high school.

Laura Dickson

Richard Dilks
[Owasso, OK]

Mona "Jo" (Dillman) Springfield
[Norman, OK]
Military, college, work, college, married with two kids, and dropped out of college.  I am presently working at OU and back in school full time!  I’m scheduled to graduate in the spring of 2007.

My son Joe is a sophomore at NHS and wrestles at 125 lbs.  He ended the season with a record of 32-8.  My daughter Mary is in third grade at Monroe.  My husband Scott is approaching retirement from the Military.  We live in Norman and spend our free time (when not fulfilling our parental duties) on our Harley!  I am happy to be living and raising my kids in Norman.  It’s always fun to run into classmates and play catch up! 

I hope to see you all in June.  Best wishes!

Tracie (Dixon) Beck
I have 2 Great Girls that are mine Kendra 20, Ashley 17. Then I also have 4 of the best step children Randi 20, Robyn 17 AND TWINS Ryan & Lake 12 and they belong to my most amazing husband Randy. We have been married for almost 3 years.

UPDATE......I just had my first grandbaby on July 7th, 2006, Big Boy 8lbs 10 ozs 20 inches. His name is Aarion Tremain. But..... Gammi calls him BooBoo! This is the most incredible feeling. 

It was great to see all of you at the reunion. Am looking forward to the next one. Everyone keep in touch.

Darla Dolan

Kirk Dollarhide
[City, TX]

Scott Donwerth
[Norman, OK]
From HS, I attended OU and graduated with BS in Civil Engineering in 1993. Got married in 1989. Robin and I have just celebrated our 16th anniversary. Spent 8 long months in TX (D/FW area) after OU and have been back in Norman since. We have one son, born in TX, named Taylor (11 yrs). I am part of a structural design team that provides bridge designs for the State of OK. Before that I designed low rise steel buildings.

While attending OU, I worked at Wright's IGA on Alameda. The summer of 1990 they sent me to the store on North Porter. Eddie Coffeen was working there. We got to relive some of our school memories before his passing that year. We attended together since the 6th grade.

To all those who knew and remeber me: I still think about ya and Hey Ya'll.

Thanks and God Bless all that have spent time in the military.

Sean Doran
[Irving, TX]
After graduation I took classes at both OCCC and OU, working on a communications degree through the fall of '89. I gave up on school and life in Norman to follow my girlfriend to San Francisco and ended up in my birth place of Albuquerque NM in 1990. I fell into the hotel industry and had a knack for managing people and forged a pretty nice ten year career in hotel management. I moved to Texas in 1996 and settled in Irving where I continued on in hotels until 2000. In late 2000 I took a job managing a small catering company in Dallas. I am still with that company, Thornhill catering. I am currently single and have never married. I still have strong ties to Oklahoma with family and friends and come back to Norman and the OKC area frequently for visits and OU football games. Like a handful of us that left the area I literally lost touch with a majority of my graduating classmates. Most of you who got to know me when I came to West in '84 probably don’t remember my story. In the eighth grade I left Irving and went to the infamous Country Club Academy. I'm sure most of you remember the school, if only by name.

During Eleventh grade I realized what a joke the place was and my education was severely lacking. I left and tried to return to NHS. To my shock and surprise, several credits did not transfer and I lost a whole semester of education. My only option was to return to the second semester of tenth grade and retake the classes needed to catch back up. It was a huge sacrifice to give up graduating with the people I had been in school with since sixth grade. Although I remained loyal to my friends and classmates who graduated in '85, I made many new friends from the class of '86.
Again, I have seen very little of you all over the years. I actually attended the ten and twenty year class of '85 reunions. What was funny, is no one even remembered that I didn't graduate with them. I am still up in the air about returning for this reunion but would love to see those who did become a part of my life for that brief two and a half years. There are some great memories to be shared, I'm sure of that.

Cristina (Dornieden) Andrews
[Las Vegas, NV]
I married John Andrews from high school last year. 2 kids. We both work in the casino business out here in sunny Las Vegas.

Daryl Dougherty
[Norman, OK]
Married 14 yrs - one son 6 years old.

Melissa "Missy" (Dowdy) Shull
[Denver, CO]
Graduated from OU, moved around quite a bit (Tulsa, Santa Fe, San Francisco, ABQ) and finally landed in Denver and have been here for 10 years. I'm divorced with no kids. I am a Director of Engineering for a telecommunications company.

Lori (Doyle) Anoatubby
[Norman, OK]
Been busy raising 3 wonderful kids--a daughter, 18,  and 2 sons, 14 and 9.  Toured the country a bit, peppering work and a busy family life with a couple of degrees--one from UCO and a BSN from OCU. After floor nursing and some teaching, recently divorced and taking a slower track for a few years. Currently enjoying being a school nurse with summers off, and enjoying a great time with the family and living in Edmond with a truly great guy in my life. I missed the 20th reunion, but would enjoy going to a 25th if there were one...
Peace, everybody.


Andy Duchon
[Philadelphia, PA]

Charles Duncan
[Norman, OK]
Married with 2 children. Working with a national civil engineering firm.  Weekends and off time consumed by photography, golf and more golf.

David Dunford
[Norman, OK]
Working and playing hard WHAT!. That's what Dunfords do!

William Durham
[Highland Village, TX]
After reading fellow alum's blurbs, stories of Box cars, Armed Service, transcripts, nine kids and adoptions, I have realized that I need to get out more. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma, with an exception of a short stint in Austin, TX, I have lived in the Dallas area ever since. I married my beautiful wife Paula in 2000 and we have two wonderful daughters, Ainsley (almost 4) and Elise (9 months). We live in the beautiful community of Highland Shores on Lake Lewisville. I am an avid cyclist and have started training for a dualathalon, which hopefully will lead to my first triathalon at the end of the year. Wish me luck! I pray that everyone has found the contentment and happiness in their lives that has found me. I look forward to seeing you in 2006. p.s. Gray hair is for the birds!

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