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1986 Norman High Alumni 

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Cris Paden
[Las Gatos, CA]
Hi everybody.  Since I won't be able to make the reunion, thought I'd go ahead and drop a note real quick.  Since the 10 year reunion, gave up politics for good, got an adult job in p.r., lived in Denver, then Dallas, and have been out here in the Bay Area since 2001 working for Symantec.  I love it out here, but am pretty pissed that it took 33 years to finally find a place where I fit in, ha-ha!  But the mountains, ocean, beaches, and that place called San Francisco sure keep me busy.  However, I come home about 10 to 12 times a year.  Oklahoma, and Norman in particular, are and always will be home.  Hell, I have to come home that much not to go into Toto's, Cocina's, and the Mont withdrawals.  Well you guys take care.  Feel free to Google me and that'll probably give you a better idea of what I've been up to job-wise.  Y'all holler if you're ever out to the Bay Area.

Jehan Parekh
[City, ST]

Steve Parker
[Salt Lake City, UT]
I went to OU for a year before serving a 2 year mission for the LDS church in Auckland, New Zealand.  When I returned, I finished a degree in electrical engineering at OU and went on to complete a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Utah in 1999.  I am now on the faculty at the University of Utah, where I do research in scientific computing and visualization.  I travel frequently to various academic conferences and meetings.

I have four daughters who keep me very busy.  I enjoy the outdoors and enjoy building things around the house.

Scott Peace

Tiffany (Pelton) Cosme
[Norman, OK]
I am living in Norman with the 3 greatest kids. Bre Anna (12), Caitlyn (10), and Alexis (5). I work at Alcott Middle School (The old West Mid High). I am the Attendance Secretary. I coach fast pitch and slow pitch softball at the school.  I am having the time of my life. I enjoy being the coolest mom in the world.

Paige (Pendarvis) Hofer
[Lawrence, KS]
After high school, I went to KU. I was a cheerleader and a Theta at the University of Kansas. After graduating, I taught high school in Olathe, KS (suburb of Kansas City). I married Jon Hofer when I was 25. We lived in Overland Park, KS for nine years, then moved back to Lawrence. We have three boys, ages 10, 7 and 5. We also have three dogs, a cat and a couple of hamsters. I stay home with my boys and help out at their school. I volunteer on a few Boards, work at my favorite clothing store once a week (for the discount), and I have run three marathons in the past 14 months. I am looking forward to our 20th!

Kevin Pensoneau
Enjoying life with family and friends. May 1992, on the five-year plan I graduated from OU with a political science BA. March 1994, I started my first career with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. July 2002, I started my second career with Farmers Insurance Group. July 2005, I started my third career with Flair Bodyworks. October 2005, I started my fourth
career with OUHSC. I am a member of the Harley Owners' Group, the world's coolest uncle to my nephews and surrogate niece, have never married, and remained childless. Hope everybody's life is going great.

Jeff Perry
[Norman, OK]

Tracie (Peters) Davis
[Celina, TX]

Jimmy Peterson
[Tuttle, OK]
I have been all over the world to serve our country. After the military, I have been working for the City of Oklahoma City.  

Karla (Pfenning) Rehring
[Denver, CO]
After high school, I moved to Colorado for college and lived in Boulder and now Denver with my husband John and our two little girls, Allison and Julia.

Laurie Phillips
[City, ST]

Amy Phoenix
[City, ST]

Lee Anne (Pierce) Sallee
[Norman, OK]
I've been married for 8 wonderful years, no children but own the best dog in the world (Nikki), and love to travel (Paris, Italy, Switzerland--so far) as much as possible.


Jimmy Pitts
[City, ST]

Michelle Platt
[Norman, OK]

Candy (Pollock) Percival
[City, UK]

Rod Polzer
[City, ST]

Danny Porter
[City, CO]

Kasra Pournadeali
[Marysville, WA]
My time is divided between family, clinical practice, and advocacy.

Twauna Power
[Norman, OK]
Spent last 20yrs being a single mommy. Daughter Felicia also went to Norman High. I also have a granddaughter named Alana born 4/6/07 & another still baking, due this fall. Her dad took our last name, Wayne Power. See don't have to be male to pass on the family name! I did finally find my soulmate. David is the only man I've ever wanted to marry. I'm glad I waited for God to show me, who was meant for me, to spend the rest of my life with. Thank you God, for always blessing me and the ones I love. God bless all of you, in Jesus' name amen. Twauna  

Robert Prentice
[Norman, OK]
I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a meteorology degree in 1990. I worked as a research assistant at the National Severe Storms Laboratory (1979-90). I then worked for the National Weather Service as a Meteorologist in Monett, MIssouri (1990-92), Des Moines, Iowa (1992-1994) and Albuquerque, New Mexico (1994) and as a Meterologist Instructor in Oklahoma City (1997-2011) and Norman (1994-97 and 2011-Present). My current job is to teach Forecasters how to issue severe weather warnings.

I married in 1995 and had two children; Olivia and Julia. I remarried in 2017 to the true love of my life Ben Aichate.

My hobbies include storm chasing, weight lifting, and biking.


Shelly Prince Stockton
[Weatherford, OK]
Teaching first semester pharmacy students how to fill prescriptions, do their calculations, and talk to patients about how to take their medications properly is my full time job.  My husband and I are involved in several of our church ministries, but spend a lot of our time with our youth and children's ministries.  Our sons, Noah and AJ keep us on our toes too!  

Veronica Proctor
[Cincinnati, OH]
Now the Manager of I/T Systems at a Global Glass Company. Veronica Proctor now

Dan Prosser
[City, ST]

Teri Putman
[City, ST]

Melanie (Pyle) Darrow
[Norman, OK]
Moved to Wyoming, then Kansas City,and made our way back to Norman. I work at Merrill Lynch. Mark, my husband, is a meteorologist for the Severe Storm Labs and is a storm chaser.  


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