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1986 Norman High Alumni 

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Kristi (Sandlin) Fitzgerald
After high school tried college but wasn't for me. Have been working at Tinker Federal Credit Union for 13 years as a loan officer/closer. Finally met my Mr. Right in 2001, and married in June of 2003. We just had a baby boy Dec. 27, 2005. His name is Michael Mason, and he is the best thing that ever happened to me!

Update: Kristi passed away in June 2012.

Elaine (Sandoval) Pendergraft

Kelly Ann (Satrang) Rozmin

Michelle Satterlee

Amber (Sawyer) Choate
[Grapevine, TX]
Well let’s see…… I got married in 1998 and moved to New Orleans with my husband. After a minor incident (I was held up at gun point on my front door step, but I guess that's the risk you take when you're living in the French Quarter), I convinced my husband to move closer to home. We're now living in Flower Mound, Texas. I’m currently taking a 1 year sabbatical leave from my position as Director with North Texas Medical Group to be a stay at home mom. However, I’m enjoying it so much that I’m considering making it permanent! I have two small children (Madeleine age 2 1/2 and Mason 3 months). I thoroughly enjoy motherhood and all that it entails. If it works out as planned, I’ll attend TWU next year to pursue a degree in Healthcare Administration.


Pat Schaper
[Norman, OK]
I spent 5 yrs in the US Navy, serving in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Pensacola, Newport, RI, and Seattle.  I met and married my wife in Seattle and moved to Midland, MI and Chicago.  We returned to Norman in 2000 to raise our two children here.  I currently work for Hertz as a manager of an MIS development team.

Valerie Schat
[Norman, OK]
Not much...I am an RN in the emergency room at Southwest Medical Center. I have two girls. Lacey is 16 and driving...that's scary. She is an NHS cheerleader. Cassidy is 13. She cheers for Irving. I can't wait to see all of the familiar faces next year.


Susan Schmidt
[Sunnyvale, CA]
Terry and I have been married for over 16 years now (June 1990) and have two wonderful little girls. Genevieve Kiele Liu was born Aug 18, 2001 and her sister, Mikayla Keilani Liu, was born Aug 7, 2003. We live in the heart of Silicon Valley and really love it. Feel free to drop us a line :).

Rhonda (Schneringer) Moore
[Norman, OK]
I have been married for 16 1/2 years.  We have a 16 year (Courtney) and I have a stepdaughter (Kristen) that is 21.
She has 2 boys which means I am a grandma.  They call me nana.  Bryce will be 3 in March and Jayce is 14 months.

I bet I am the only nana from our class.  If you love being a parent, you will really... love... being a grandparent. 

I have been at OU for 15 1/2 years and I am working in the School of Dance as the Assistant to the Director.  My husband is an area sales manager for Premium Beers, (Budweiser).  No guys he can't get free beer.

Albert Schwarzkopf
[Durham, NC]

Greg Scott

Sherri (Seaton) Hunt
[Norman, OK]
Married with 2 children.

Wayne Sehman
[Portland, OR]

Jamie Self

Kristi (Sells) Winkelmann

Joe Sendelbach
[Norman, OK]
I started a business in 1993 that I still run today. I married my lovely wife Cynthia in 1996 and we have 2 great kids, a girl 7, and a boy 5.

Ronny Senn
[Norman, OK]

Jay Senter III
Retired Marine Lt Col, nine years in Program Management as a federal contractor, primarily working on Veterans Affairs contracts, supporting wounded and injured veterans and their families.

Jon Seratte
[Norman, OK]
2007-2009 went back to school and finished my bachelor's @ University of Central Oklahoma. Currently work at Tinker AFB as a Financial Management Specialist in the Comptroller Squadron. Allows me to attend many soccer and basketball games and dance competitions that my two daughter's are heavily involved in. For the past 9 years, a registered baseball official for OSSSA. Teach 5th grade Sunday School at FBC Norman. In my spare time, still try to play and write music.

Carla Shassetz

Tommy Shaver
[Norman, OK]

Melissa (Shaw) Hayes
[Norman, OK]

Wendy Sheets
[Tulsa, OK]

Leigh (Shepherd) Sem
[San Antonio, TX]
Living and working in San Antonio TX with my wonderful husband David and our beautiful 5 yr old daughter Caroline. My husband and I both work for USAA.

Kristen Sher

James Sherbon
[Norman, OK]

Darla Shetley
[Norman, OK]
Since Graduation I have been bowling on Saturdays on the 3 Flags YABBA bowling league called Braves.  I have won numerous trophies and awards . I never been married but been engaged twice. Lately I have been hanging out with my best friend Perry Young Class of 85 when he is not busy with the photography business. Look me up at New Life Bible Church; you will find me helping out in the snack bar or with the toddlers. BTW, Perry Young class of 85 took the update pic of me to put on the reunion web site - I think he did a good job.

Scott Short

Paula Shrum

John Sigmon
[Norman, OK]
Hi Everyone,

After High School I went to OU, graduated with a Management degree, then an MBA from Oklahoma Christian University.  Joined the Army after 9-11 as an Infantryman, fought in combat with the Taliban in Afghanistan, married the love of my life Monique and have two precious children – Noah & Lydia.  I live in OKC but work in Norman as a wealth manager and Certified Financial Planner.

My life changed radically after I received Christ and now I’m doing my best to live for Him.  My work during the day goes to support my habit - my greatest joy in life is watching Christ save, heal, deliver, and disciple other people.  I went to Bible school and have been involved in missionary work and in several ministries in the OKC metro area.

My prayer is that the class of 86' would live maximized lives, fulfill our God-given potential, and know the joy of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Feel free to contact me anytime.  My email address

Lee Simpson
[Murfreesboro, TN]

Stan Simpson
[Takoma Park, MD]
After graduating from OU, I moved to Baltimore for graduate school, then to Philadelphia for a law degree at Temple University. I met my future wife in law school and we were married in 2000. We now live in a Maryland suburb of Washington, DC. I work as an investigative attorney for the Ethics Committee at the US House of Representatives; my wife, also a lawyer, works for a video game trade association. On February 9, 2006, my wife gave birth to our first child - Alexander Luis.

Terri (Sinclair) Caffee
[Royse City, TX]
After graduating from OU with a BS in Elementary Education, I taught in Norman a while then moved down to Dallas to teach (16 years teaching. I'm a glutton for punishment!).  I am currently staying at home being a mom. I'm planning to go back to work in August. I met the love of my life, Chris Caffee, and we've been married since July 9, 2005.  He is a widower so I'm an instant mom to two great kids (Cameron-12, Chelsea-10).  We now have Callie Ann, born November 2, 2006.  My kids are my joy! The reunion was such a blast!  We shouldn't wait so long for another one. 


David Skidmore
[Norman, OK]

Dale Skitt
[Phoenix, AZ]

David Slick
[Dixon, IL]

Jackie Smart
Jackie passed in May 2011.

Brigitte Smith
[Norman, OK]

David Smith
[West Bath, ME]
Since high school I have been all over the U.S. - Dallas, Florida, Maine. In 1991 I joined THE MARINE CORPS (OOH-RAHH) Spent a lot of time in California before coming back to Maine in 1995. I am in the banking industry and currently work for a credit union. (we really are better). I have a wife, Sara and two boys, Dillon (13) and Teague (12). I have been coaching youth football for the last 5 years (love it). Making a move to the high school level after Teague finishes seventh grade. (Who'd a thought ;-P ) If you have never been to the northeast...come see Maine - this is literally GOD's COUNTRY.The Sooners still rock!...I never miss a game. Go A.D.!

Dena Smith
[Norman, OK]
Got married to a Smith (no, not related) 15 years ago.. I am personnel manager at Westside Wal-Mart (18 year career). Basically just making a living and helping to raise my 17 year old step-daughter.


Joe Smith

Michael Smith
[Norman, OK]
Married Angela Brooks (88 Grad) and we have two children, Michaela (9) and Brooks(5). Live in Norman and have a Home Appraisal Business.

Stephanie Smith
[Norman, OK]
Married with 2 children.

Marty Smuin
[Norman, OK]
Working in FL/CA and taking care of my family.

Stacy (Sneed) Geppert
Stacy died January 19, 2013 after a courageous battle with cancer.

Katherine Sorenson
[Norman, OK]

Mark Sousa

Rebecca (Spalding) Jarmon
[KcKinney, TX]
Married Steve Jarmon (Class of 84) when I was a baby. We have two amazing kids, Michael and Maddy (aka Maelyn) a beautiful daughter-in-law, Alex, and the most amazing grandson, Gus (Augustus). I’ve been a forensic accountant/litigation paralegal for 35 years with a short stint of 5 1/2 years in NYC managing a securities litigation law firm.  Those were some crazy and fantastic years.  In May of 2019, our daughter won NBC’s The Voice and lots of things in our lives changed! We spent pretty much the next 9 months traveling to all kinds of fantastic places for performances. And then, of course, Covid, and everything came to a screeching halt for a bit.  But we did enjoy our together time, we cooked a lot and puzzled a lot.  In 2021 traveling and events picked back up and now she’s recording her album in NYC. Really looking forward to next year! Our son is a “cloud architect” and works for a huge software company.  He’s genius smart and I have no idea what he’s saying most of the time.  They live about 15 minutes from us so we get to be Bebe and Jeeves a lot.  My hubby has a great old man rock n roll band - Emerson.  They play several times a month at local bars and a couple of times a year in Norman. In addition to being my daughter’s travel buddy/personal assistant, I am the litigation manager for an oil and gas company. Hobbies- Cooking, golf, writing and reading. Looking forward to reading all the updates! 

Kim (Spears) Rampey
[Coweta, OK]
Graduated OU in '92 with Elem. Ed. degree. I taught school for a while and married in 2000 to an OSU grad from here in Tulsa. I'm now a pharmaceutical sales rep. with still no children. We live on 80 beautiful acres that we share with our 3 dogs and 5 cats.

Dawn (Speta) Leprich

Alex (Standley) Howe
[Oak Ridge, TN]

Cheryl Stanley

Greg Stanton
[Norman, OK]

David Stapp

Peter Stawicki
[Addison, TX]
Single and Living in North Dallas/Addison Texas. Currently Sales Manager of a CCTV Technology Company. Spent the years after OU working for the Oklahoma News Network in Broadcast News. Moved to Dallas 12 years ago and decided to move into the Technology Field full time.


Ronnie Steely

Andrew Stehr
[Tuttle, OK]
I have been working at Oklahoma Natural Gas since 1989. Married my lovely wife in 2010. We have four kids, 3 girls and 1 boy.

Fern (Stephens) Thung
[Norman, OK]

Stephanie (Sterr) Kenyon
[Roy, UT]

Barbara (Stewart) Atteberry
[Cedar Hill, TX]
It's probably too little too late, but I just found this website this week!  I married the guy I was dating my senior year, we had the most wonderful two children anyone has ever seen.  Adam is now 20 and Beth is 16!  After twenty years of marriage, I found myself single again three years ago...

I have the amazing pleasure of working at my church as the Cash Receipts Manager and spend any time I can with my kids - they are really awesome!

David Stewart
[Norman, OK]
I married Pam (Deeds) class '88, will be married for 20 yrs. in March and started my own business and have two children girl 17 and boy 15.

Michael Stewart
[Plano, TX]
I started dating Christine Tee (Class of 85') while attending O.U.. After graduating O.U. in '91 , I moved to Tampa, FL and had several positions as a Software Developer/Engineer. While I love the water and the fishing in Florida, I really missed the family, weather, and the SOONER SUPPORT up North (at the time Barry Switzer was the coach of the Cowboys). There are too many Gator, Seminole, and Cane fans in Florida. Christine and I moved back up to Dallas (we currently live in Plano) where we have settled down with our 2 wonderful boys (Nicholas 8 and Pryce 5). We frequently make the 200 mile trip up North to Norman.

In between the boys' athletic events, I spend my extra time fishing. I am currently the President of the Texas Striper Association.

I hope to see everyone at the reunion!!! :)

Nolita (Stewart) Morgan
[Norman, OK]
I am still living in Normantown and working for NOAA. We are a family of 5 and you can catch up with us more on my blog.  It was great to see everyone at the 30th reunion and also on FaceBook! Can't wait until the 40!!

Terri (Stewart) Paden
[Norman, OK]
I graduated from OU with bachelor's in education. Taught full time for 7 years and have been 1/2 time for 7 more. I love teaching the gifted and talented program classes at Cleveland Elementary. When I say I am a "gifted" teacher my friends and family remind me that I am only 1/2 gifted :)

Currently have moved backed to the neighborhood I grew up in, and absolutely love it! One of the funny and great things about being our age is you start to go back to doing what you liked doing as a kid. So, in the past few years we have biked, hiked, camped, geocached, and have gone on road trips. I have learned to love yoga and I am starting to dabble in my backyard garden. I get to have family lunch with my brother and my parents once a week. Andy and I look forward to second Friday's Norman art walk downtown Main Street. Our 2 daughters, Sydney(21) and Anna-Carman(16) are The best audience to their fathers humor and are completely spoiled by his fearless and never/ ending menu of fine foods. Life is good. Hope to See you all this July

Will Stiles
[Falmouth Foreside, ME]
Graduated from OU after a stint as a ski bum in Crested Butte, CO. Returned to Maine and went to law school where I met my wife, Hilary. I'm a partner in the Portland office of Verrill Dana, LLP (we have offices in Portland, Boston, Hartford, Kansas City and Washington, D.C.) where I maintain a healthcare law practice. Hilary is Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Wright Express, a NYSE listed company. We live on the beautiful coast of Falmouth, Maine with our two sons, Eli (born 8/2001) and Ethan (born 3/2005), and our dog, Millie.

Don Stoepker
[Guthrie, OK]

Gerald Stone
[Norman, OK]

Tim Storey
[City, ST]

Scott Storm

Leslie Strategier
[Paducah, KY]
I am a Licensed Psychologist in Paducah, KY. My partner, Risa Stutz, and I are also running a pet store in Paducah, called Allpets and Grooming.

Oh, and we have 6 cats, a pot-bellied pig, a parrot, and some fish.


Clint Strickland

Scott Sturtz
[Norman, OK]

Jay Sullivan

John Summers
[Laveen, AZ]
to be continued...

Tasha (Summers) Stacy
[Norman, OK]

Julie Swain

Ronald Swain
Deceased - 1994

Susie Swartz

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