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1986 Norman High Alumni 

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Von Haile

Mark Haines
[City, CO]

Bryan Hale

Robert Haley

Carrie (Hall) Long [Yukon, OK]
Secretary/Bookkeeper since 1987. Lived in Dallas areas for a while, then came back to OKC. Work in Cafeteria at my daughter's school and spent 3 years on the PTA Board.

David Hall
[Norman, OK]

Stephen Halley
[Sandy, UT]
Married with 2 kids.

Karen (Halvorsen) Matthews
[Baton Rouge, LA]
Kip and I moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2001 from Chicago, Illinois. Kip took a job with Louisiana State University as a professor in the Physics Department. I teach math and science at the Runnels School to 4 year olds. We have three boys. Connor , 7, will be in 3rd grade this year and Sam and Alex, our 5 year old twins, will enter Kindergarten. All of our boys attend Runnels. Kip and I coached Sam and Alex's soccer team this past year. Connor enjoys soccer, baseball, basketball, and Cub Scouts. My parents retired and moved to Baton Rouge in 2003. We love having them around.

Emma Hamilton

Debbie (Hammond) Witte
[Plano, TX]
I have been married to Robert Witte for 25 years in June 2016.  I have two children, Brandon, who is a freshman at OU and Courtney, who is in 9th grade.  I worked at Ernst and Young for 19 years and current work at the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, since 2009.  I spend my free time traveling, volunteering, and reading.


Jennifer (Hanner) Marr

Frederick Hanradt III
[Oklahoma City, OK]

James Hardy

Ron Harmon
[Norman, OK]

Wilbert Harper
[Ramseur, NC]
Well...wished I had walked across the stage with my true classmates but at least I did graduate. My heart has always been in Norman, Oklahoma. Ok..after high school I took a year and did some amateur body building until I figured out that there were too many drugs that you had to take to compete and that was not me, so I joined the Air Force and spent 5 and 1/2 years in before getting out.

I got married in July of 1989 and now am a proud father of two wonderful kids (Mathew, 14 and Carrie, 11). My wife is my best friend of almost 16 years. I truly am a lucky family man. My son Mathew was born with Down Syndrome and has been through so much that he has become my living HERO. My daughter is my ball player. She has been playing basketball and softball since she was five and has been on a travel softball team since she was 7.

I could write a book but I will tell the rest at the reunion. I am having the time of my life being a family man. Oh yeah, I do build furniture for a living and my wife is store assistant at McDonalds. Hope to see you all next year!

Trena (Harris) Bloye
[Norman, OK]
After reading about everyone, I had to chime in.  After graduating, Dennis Bloye and I were married and were divorced a few years ago.  But in the meantime, we had 3 beautiful kids, Jessica, 14; Amanda, 8; and Riley, 7.  I have been a freelance court reporter for the last 14 years.  I never know where I will be working one day to the next, which is just the way I like it. 

A couple of years ago I met my best friend in the world, Trent Looney.  He is from Norman as well and knows everyone in town.  He's now a Farmer's Ins. agent.  We live together but refuse to take the leap.  We get to Mexico every chance we get to play beach bums and plan to live there some day (Soon!) 

Life is short -- Make the most of it!

Teri Harvey

Holly (Hassinger) McVay
[Oklahoma City, OK]
I live in Oklahoma City with my husband and 2 boys.  Tyler is 10 (and just a baby at the last reunion!) and Conner is almost 4.  Jon and I have been married for 13 years and counting.  I am in complete "soccer mom" status at this point except the sports of choice are basketball and golf.  I wouldn't have it any other way!  Hope everyone is happy and healthy!

Amy Hatcher Kennedy
[Norman, OK]

Michele Hawley
[Alma, MI]
I literally stumbled upon this website while in a search for something else.  And not even sure anyone will remember me – and jeez – I look so different.  It was a lot of fun reading what some have done since.  So I will write something and hopefully post a picture up soon.  Maybe someone will remember me.  20 years later -- I am a single mother of 3 adventurous boys 16, 13 and 9. Divorced in 96.  Since then have been engaged 3 different times. I’m sure I’m some sort of commitment phobic or and haven't found "the one".  And that doesn’t make me sad or lonely.  I live in Michigan in a small town called Alma.  I love it and I hate it.  Regardless – I am stuck here until the youngest is 18.  I get out often.  I work at Alma College with students – helping them find the right fit with internships, study abroad programs, volunteer work, things of that nature.  It is rewarding and I learn so much.  And the students keep me young.  I also attend classes (late bloomer) and working on a double major of Sociology/Anthropology and Theology.  My hobbies and interests include but not limited to  – psychology, sociology, spirituality, theology, astrology, philosophy, healthy living, organic farming, the environment (as green as I can possibly be – with 3 kids), humanitarian rights, foreign languages, traveling –  sincerely can’t get enough, and most recent – is this a sign of growing up?  I’m finally politically active and concerned.  I like to be outdoors in my spare time… I canoe and kayak in the summer – I ski in the winter.  Just had my 39th birthday last week – yes Sagittarius – and I am happy to be almost 40 – except for the wrinkles.  And for the bad?  I’m not sure where I am in the "grown up" thing -- I still feel 18. I've partied and experimented with drugs off and on during these 20 yrs.  The drugs are definitely the past atleast 6 years and drink is occasionally now, but I smoke sometimes like a chimney really working on quitting..  But – you know what?  I had fun.  I feel awesome.  I’d love to hear from anyone.  Whether or not you remember me.  Thanks

Billy Hayes
[Norman, OK]

Johnnie Haynes
[Muskogee, OK]
Graduated High School, went into Air Force briefly, (wasn't for me). Partied for a couple years, married for 7 years with 1 girl, divorced. Kicked around between Tulsa and Norman for a while. In 2001 moved to North Carolina. Then in 2002 moved back to Tulsa. Met and married Chris (the love I always had hoped to find), and her 2 girls, in Sept 2003 we had a boy and boy am I getting my comeuppance with him. (You pay for your wicked ways when you try to raise a boy that is just like yourself when growing-up.) Currently am Mr. Goodwrench at a dealership in Muskogee, and enjoying life with my family, and looking forward to seeing many of you at the 20 year. (After divorce wasn't up to the 10 year.)  See many of you soon.

Tammy (Hayton) Stapp

Stuart Hazelton

Angie Heard Harmon
[Norman, OK]
After five Fun Filled years in the Navy I migrated to California then up to Washington State....I finally made my way back to Norman happily divorced with a fabulous daughter. In 2002 I married Ron Harmon - Now (2008) Daughter Lauren is a Freshman at Norman High, I work in surgery for Integris Health and Ron plays keyboards (Blues).

Samona (Hendricks) Votaw
[Edmond, OK]
Just moved home from our 2nd time to live in Germany.  We lived there 10 years.


Crissy (Henry) Nutt
[Milan, MI]
In 1990, I graduated from OU with a BA in Public Administration. I started my career in Cincinnati, where I worked for 2 years as a Special Agent with the United States Secret Service, before I transferred to Detroit. After some wonderful experiences, & a very memorable trip aboard Air Force One, I decided nine years of traveling the world with the USSS was enough for me. In 2004, I took a position as a Special Agent with the Dept. of Homeland Security - Office of Inspector General, working internal affairs cases in Detroit. My husband, Matt, is a Sergeant with the Michigan State Police. I married my favorite Nutt in 1997, & married him again in 1998. Suffice it to say, two marriages, zero divorces...long story; the things you do for love! Matt & I have 24 nieces and nephews, whom we love spoiling, so we haven't felt the need to start a family of our own, yet. We live near Ann Arbor, & love attending Univ of Michigan football games @ the BIG HOUSE! Now that's football! Many thanks to those classmates who are putting in a lot of time to set up this website & coordinate the reunion. Stay safe & God Bless.

Paula Henson
[Norman, OK]
Working, going to school, and taking care of granny babies.

Teresa (Henson) Schuster
[Norman, OK]

Dee Anne Herron

Cindy (Hightower) Horan
Hello to everyone. Can't wait to see everyone at the 20 year reunion. Has it been that long? Married to a wonderful man for 8 years, his name is Terry and he is a Helicopter pilot.   We have two children, Brittany is 17 and Meagan is 5. Life is great, teaching Physical Fitness at two Gyms in El Paso, Texas. Yes, I know it's the other end of the world, but that is where they sent us for my husband's job, Homeland Security. Parents still live in Norman and we get back to Norman during the Holidays and summer time. Take care everyone, see you in 2006!

Elizabeth (Hiler) Steckline
[Goodyear, AZ]

Julie (Hill) Tryggestad
[Norman, OK]
I graduated from OU in '92 with a B.S. in Education and moved to Tulsa to teach History. I stayed with Tulsa Public Schools until '00 when I began teaching AP U.S. History at Jenks High Shcool. I married Paul in '97 and we have 4 children. Jack 2-01, Addie 11-02, Trent and Lillie 12-04. We moved back to Norman in Aug. of 2003 because my husband got a job being one of the assistant principals at NHS. I stay at home with our 4 children.

Kelton Hill

Mike Hillerby
[Norman, OK]

Jackie (Hisle) Arterburn
[Wichita, KS]
After graduation my family moved to Wichita, KS. '91-94 I worked as a jailer for Sedgwick County. In '94 I became a Wichita police officer (for those who knew me I didn’t believe it either) I have been working the night shift for 12 years. I love it. Brian is also a police officer. We have 2 wonderful boys, 8 & 11. We just built a beautiful house on 5 acres with a pond. I couldn’t be happier. Hope to see you all at the 20th.

Erick Hobbs
[St. Peters, MO]
Held several different jobs until May of 1994 when I realized my dream of being a flight Attendant for Trans World Airlines whom was later bought out by American airlines in January of 2001(for those who might be curious I was supposed to fly on Sept.11 2001 lucky for me my departure was not until late afternoon which was cancelled) after the American airlines buy out they down sized so now I work for the Federal Government as a transportation security officer. I have 2 handsome boys, Gabe and Zach, and a wife for 13yrs (she is shy and wishes to remain unknown) and that is me in a nut shell.

Kim (Hobson) Pace
[City, MD]

Marcy (Hobson) Stellfox
[Cedar Park, TX]

Dan Hogan
[Norman, OK]
12 years traveling the globe in the Air Force (Japan, England, Africa and many others)

Since 2001 I have been teaching for the University of Oklahoma.

Oldest child (Ashley) graduated 2008 and is in college.
Youngest child (Matthew) is in high school - college in 2010.

Wendell Hohmann
[Reno, NV]
Hi all! I am honored to be invited as a an “associate” member of the Class of ’86! I graduated with the class of ’85, but 99% of my acquaintances were with your class, who I grew up with for all my pre-college years. People ask if I had any regrets for leaving early. Yes and no. Life has been good and I have been blessed. But at the same time, I feel I missed something very special not graduating with you guys and particularly regret not keeping up with friends and getting to know some of my fellow classmates better through the years since. Thank you to those  who wrote a bio. I enjoyed reading them. If you want to reconnect, let me know. I am on FB but my privacy settings are fairly strict. My profile name is Wendell Willkie. I can also be contacted via email.

I graduated from OU in 1990 with a B.S. in Meteorology. I then went to Taiwan to spend some time before a career and family came along. That sabbatical was short-lived. I met my wife Jennifer there, we got married the same year and then I returned to Texas to start a career with the NWS. We have since moved from Texas to Tennessee and finally Nevada.  We love it here in Reno! We still get back to Norman to spend time with family and to soak up some of that treasured moisture. For “about two weeks”, we really enjoy that Okie humidity! We enjoy frequent travel to Japan, Taiwan as well as Cusco Peru.

Robbie Holbrook
[Norman, OK]

Sonya (Holmes) Vanderburg
[Norman, OK]

Tanya (Holmes) Denton
[Dibble, OK]
I have been married for 10 years, have two children Drew, 10 and Nevada Lynn, 6. I am currently working as a Medical Assistant for OU Health Services. I am enrolled at OKCCC taking pre-nursing courses, and hope to graduate with a BS in an Allied Healthcare Program in the not so distant future. My husband Andy is from Norman and has owned The Windmill Gallery in Norman for almost 20 years. Sonya (my twin sister) and I are still very close and hang out together as much as possible.

Judith Holt Jordan
[Benson, NC]
Married with 3 children working in real estate.

Matthew Holzer

Patrick Hook
[Dallas, TX]
My daughter Chelsea is 17, and she will have graduated from high school by the time our 20th Reunion rolls around, and that's just crazy. She's headed to Georgia Tech in the fall to study mechanical engineering. I've been happily married to Meghan Rennie for eleven years, though I see her bio doesn't admit to that! We spend our time cooking and reading and going to indie rock shows (which nowadays means being surrounded by people 15 years younger than us). I worked for several years designing computer-based training and websites. On September 11, 2001, I was working on the redesign of American Airlines' corporate website (; oops, that job only lasted six more weeks... More recently, I'm pursuing a Ph.D in English at the University of Dallas, and I'm just starting to work on my dissertation, which will be on the first English translation of Homer. (Yep, still a nerd, but a most rocking nerd -- see also: John Cusack in High Fidelity.)

Darren Hooker
[Portales, NM]
Recently retired as Chief of Police for the Village of Ruidoso. Newly elected as Village Councilor. 


Lewis Houck
[Noble, OK]

Angela Houston
[Norman, OK]

Edward Houston

Tracey (Howard) Prince
[Norman, OK]
I work in Norman as a medical billing coding consultant after retiring from the paramedic field.  I also play vioin and viola regularly in several community orchestras.

Troy Howe

Mollie (Hubbard) Elliott
[Norman, OK]
I am the proud mother of two great boys 22 and 11.  My oldest(Justin) is a massage therapist and graduated from NHS in 2006.  My youngest(Noah) is a 6th grader at Longfellow Middle School and looks forward to graduating from Norman North High School in 2013 where I now work and have worked for 5 years as an adminstrator assistant/attendance secretary. I love every minute of it the kids are GREAT!!


Paul Huddleston

Phil Hudgins

Daniel Huffmaster

April (Hunnicutt) Marley
[Norman, OK]
Married with 2 children.

Erin Hunt

Scott Hunt
[Dallas, TX]
Photography Instructor at the St. Mark's School of Texas.

Sheila (Hunter) Vaughn
[Noble, OK]

Miles Hurlbut
[Tuscaloosa, AL]

Katy (Hussey) Sloniker
[Seoul, South Korea]
Working, kids, military moves and for the last three years have been living in Seoul, South Korea.

Kevin Hutto
[Wichita, KS]
It seems like so many years since high school.  It was very interesting seeing how so many of you have done so well.  I have an excellent son that was born in 98' and a great ex-wife.  Wave and say hi! if you see me on the alumni side about 40 rows up on the 35 yard line at the next OU game.

Kim (Hyde) Grace
[Washington, OK]

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