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1986 Norman High Alumni 

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Jeannie (Keeling) Fantasia
[Thousand Oaks, CA]

Amy Keifer
Ok, I just got lectured by a friend about the whole internet predator thing.  Apparently this NHS stuff got sent to the google search engine or something.  I don't know, I don't do computers.  So now I'm moving, starting a new job, changing my name.  Basically joining the witness protection program (eye roll).  See you at the reunion!


Kim (Kelly) Beldowski
[Cartersville, GA]
Just married in May 2008 for the 3rd time (We sure hope 3rd time is a charm -- his 3rd time too) I worked in mortgage industry for 10 years, laid off last year and now a stay at home mom. I love staying at home and doing crafts and having fun. I am the mother of two boys Avery-20 and Austin-11 and stepmother of 9 year old daughter.  Live in the foothills of the Applachian Mountains in Georgia.  Please feel free to email me at  I don't really remember many people I went to high school with. I was very shy and quiet back then. 

Mollie (Kelly) Cline
[Norman, OK]
Raising a family. Working on and off for a good friend of mine. Now I work taking care of my mom and dad.

Robert Kemmet
[Norman, OK]
After High School I joined the Marine Corps. I served about seven years, extending to do a tour as an embassy guard in El Salvador and Guatemala. I got out and stayed in Central America, where I owned a private security company for a couple years. When the political climate changed I returned to Oklahoma and went to school. After the ten year reunion, I started dating Lori Minnix and a year later we got married. The same year I joined the Oklahoma City Police Department, and was assigned to the patrol division working the graveyard shift in south central Oklahoma City. We moved to the city for awhile, but have since returned to Norman. We have three great kids. Kate is 6, Bo is 4, and Meg is almost a year old now. I spent 5 years as the captain of the OCPD Pistol Team and got to travel all over the country to compete in police shooting competitions. Most of my time now is spent coaching Bo's sports and playing golf. Last August I was accepted for a Detective position and I am currently assigned to the Assaults investigation unit.

Michelle Kemp
[Norman, OK]

Art Kennedy
[Jenks, OK]
Late arrival to NHS from Colorado Springs just before my senior year. Graduated with all of you guys but didn't know that many. Stayed in Norman for College. Graduated 1991 with Bach of Architecture. Left Norman for Phoenix where I lived for 12 years until I moved to the Bay Area. Fantastic wife (Juli) and three kids (Maeve, Thomas, Anne). I work for a DC based REIT managing design and construction for the Northern California portfolio. Play lots of golf, run, workout, travel, hang at the beach and my kids run me is good. I still follow OU sports with a passion, but it is challenging from the left coast (coverage sucks). Haven't been back to Norman since 2000, but planning a trip there with my family in the fall of 2005 (in conjunction with OU-TX weekend down south).

Mike Kennedy
[Norman, OK] 

Kerri Kent

Glenda (Kieffer) Lashewich
[Phoenix, AZ]
Graduated from OU with a degree in Economics in 1992.  Moved to Phoenix where I got married and working for an insurance company in Workmans Comp.  Spent one summer in Germany.  Been married for seven years and we have one daughter who is three years old. 

Noel Kim
[Cross Plains, WI]
Wow, what an open question. I graduated from OU with a degree in Chemistry. I have spent much of the last 20 years living life. There has been some recent travelling to Germany, the Caribbean and the Galapagos. I enjoy fishing (thanks Scott) and playing volleyball at a competitive level. Since moving to Wisconsin, I have learned to curl (anyone know what that is?) and ice fish. For the last 10 years I have worked at a home infusion company called Chartwell. I married Amy in May 2005.  She's a pharmacist that I met at work and she has a wonderful 2 year old named Noah. We had a little girl in September 2006 and it has been a wonderful experience!  I still keep in touch with several Normanites, mostly via email.


Jaime (Kitchens) Michaelson
[Winston-Salem, NC]

Lori Klein

Cheryl Klima
[Dallas, TX]

Richard Kniatt
[Alexandria, VA]

Lucy Koh
[Mountain View, CA]
Married with 1 child.

Timothy Kortemier
[Norman, OK]

Audra (Kozak) Royal
[Dallas, TX]

Rob Krenek
[Dallas, TX]

Janet (Kuriger) Guyer
[Fort Smith, AR]
I went to college at OU. I graduated, married, and started medical school all in the same year. I moved to Ft Smith for my residency in family practice.  I've since been divorced and remarried (to Michael- the second time was definitely the charm), I've had one child, Alex, now age 7, and work in private practice. I like scrapbooking, several reality tv shows, anything outdoors (especially golf, tennis, walking/hiking with my dog and family, and playing any number of games my son & I've made up), and hanging out with friends and family.


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