NHS Alumni Gatherings...

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02/21/05   Today I met with fellow Normanites Katrina Bynum Houston and  Briian Newhouse-Velie for lunch at Pepe Delgado's on campus corner. Of course, little Emi would wake up with pink eye this morning! All of our kids were present for the reunion and we shared good food with lots of talk about people from the past and the kids provided a good "floor show" as noted by Briian. It was a fun get-together except it was a little stressful with the kiddos when they started getting restless. I forgot to get a picture of the 3 of us together, but hopefully Saturday at Skateland for Luke's birthday party will provide us with another opportunity to get a group alumni picture. - Nolita Stewart Morgan
Toliver, Scout, Katrina and Kybar
Scout Houston
Nolita and Emiliana Emi and Berkley
Berkley, Briian, Jack and Luke
Katrina with Toliver, Scout & Kybar
Scout Houston
Nolita & Emiliana
Emi & Berkeley
Briian with Berkeley, Jack and Luke, (Graeme 1mo not pictured)
02/25/05 Kim Cox Wainner and Marcie Gay Bullock met today for a mini-reunion and lunch at Pepperoni Grill at Penn Square Mall. They shopped and had a

03/10/05 After the reunion kickoff meeting, Kim Cox Wainer, Nolita Stewart Morgan and Dee Anne Herron cruised the halls of Norman High. That was a weird experience! We also got in touch with a fellow alumni (Julie Hill Tryggestad) when we saw her hubby is an asst principal at NHS.

The Blackleys got together for a mini reunion Easter 2005.

An Easter reunion took place with Kathy Tompkins Nixon and Kristin Larsen.
Marcie and Kim
Kim, Nolita & Dee Anne at the high school Dee Anne posing the with mural that the Mat Maids painted
The Blackleys Easter 2005
Kathy & Kristin on Easter
Marcie and Kim

Kim, Nolita & Dee
Dee Anne and the mural she painted in the wrestling room.

Trent, Brenna & Tamara and their families

Kathy Tompkins Nixon and Kristin Larsen

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