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20 YEAR REUNION ICEBREAKER AT STEPBROTHER'S June 16th, 2006  Click photo to enlarge
Kenny Beddow and Sally Bayless Robertson Tiffany Witt Stephens and Kristi Waddle Stacy Davenport Trey Ohl, Tamara Blackley Overton. Tami Rhea and Joi Blackley
Will Harper and Timmie Kortemeier Ricky Dilks and Will Harper Donwerths Dee Anne Herron, Nolita Stewart Morgan and Todd Milliken
Rusty Mast Mickey and Julie Trent Denton and John Summers Brian Conkling, Mona Jo Dillman Springfield, Brandy Pepperman Dougherty and Darryl Dougherty Mollie Bates Garner-Sudweeks and Billy Hayes Sally Bayless Robertson
Trey Ohl, Al Schwarzkopf, Kristin Larsen, Kim Cox, Bill Chissoe Tiffany Pelton Cosme and Darren Hooker Ruta Vardys and Rob Reynolds John Brockhaus and Timmie Kortemeier Jon Wren and Pat Hook Elisabeth Bowers Beddow, Kristan Gray Ringer and Brian Ringer ('85)
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