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20 YEAR REUNION ICEBREAKER AT STEPBROTHER'S June 16th, 2006 Click photo to enlarge
Jenny Estes Varma, Holly Hassinger McVay and Robert Bowman
Johnny Ebrey, Jenny Estes Varma, Holly Hassinger McVay and Robert Bowman Nolita Stewart Morgan, Christine Tee Stewart ('85) and Ruta Vardys Holly Hassinger McVay, Karla Pfenning Rehring and Robert Bowman Kristi Cies, Laura Robinson Gadberry and Amy Johnson Marquet Amy Johnson Marquet and Kristi Cies
Tiffany Witt and Lee Stephens, Tammy Watson Will Stiles, Ricky and Susan Battin Dilks Rene Grove Dosela and Amber Sawyer Choate Ron Collins on the mic Will Harper Tracy Nielsen Naylor and Vicki Foster Renne
John Rhea and wife with Todd Yeager Nols and crowd Mike Ruditys and Kristi Waddle Julie Trent Denton and Mike Ruditys Paula Meyer Buchwald, Katherine Betts Staggs, Melissa Chavis and Tiffany Pelton Cosme
Rob Reynolds, Daphne Fix, Tracie Dixon Beck and Julie Trent Denton Greg and Tammy Miller Arce with Darren Hooker Tracey Howard Prince and Daphne Fix Kelly McDaniel Vick, Kelly Ann Satrang Rozmin and Ron Collins

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